Yellow M&M Twerks, Is Kidnapped in New Super Bowl Teaser Ad

Robert Chan
Yahoo TV

M&M's is building anticipation for their Super Bowl ads with a quick whodunnit teaser.

After a quick twerk session that Billy Ray Cyrus could have outdone, Yellow is hit with a tranquilizer dart and dragged off. A hand-drawn sign tells us to "find out what happens to Yellow 2/2/14" (that's the day of Super Bowl XLVII for our overseas readers and hipsters who don't own TVs).

Who would want to kidnap loveable ol' Yellow? Despite his friendly demeanor, he has made plenty of enemies in the past.

People who live in Tokyo, for example.

Rodgers and Hammerstein probably never forgave him for that awful "South Pacific" audition.

Then there's that one time he stole NASCAR driver Kyle Busch's car.

Yellow's made some pretty unflattering depictions of the British.

Really unflattering.

Then there's that time he missed the stadium and dumped a plane full of M&M toys in a city park.


Peanut M&Ms (you can tell Yellow is peanut because of his oblong shape) are getting a big push this year. David Koechner (of "Anchorman" fame) stars in a series of "The Peanutty Professor" spots to draw attention to their "Only 1 in 100 peanuts is lucky enough to be an M&M's Peanut" slogan. Or, as Koechner says in another spot, "the Navy SEAL of peanuts."

And Yellow is appearing in spots to co-promote "The Bachelor," though sadly, has no official statement on the Juan Pablo controversy.