Yard Sale!


"Today": It seems like Charlie Sheen is back on the right track, unless of course that track is telling funny jokes. He had a lot of interesting things to say about what's happened in the past year, and he also had a lot of bad jokes to tell! I don't know if he was uncomfortable with how serious Matt Lauer was acting or what, but he was dropping bombs left and right! I mean, come on Charlie, Matt wasn't even doing the thing where he puts his glasses in his mouth mid-question like he does for the really serious stuff, so why were you so nervous?!

"GMA": Roberts, that's some fine hosting work, but you look like you're outta gas. Hit the showers. Come back after Easter. Couric, you're in! I know you're rusty, but give us a good week, that's all we ask. I hope you've been staying loose with some warm-up tosses to commercial break. Now let's see some grade-A banter out there!

"Live! with Kelly": Rumor has it Kelly's getting a brand new set next week. You know what that means, New Yorkers: YARD SALE! I'll take the fake NYC skyline backdrop, for sure... but I wanna bargain her down to 50 cents, or it's no deal.

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