Yahoo TV Extra Emmys: Group You'd Most Want to Hang Out With

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The Emmys do their best at honoring the best in television, but a few things fall through the cracks. Here is your chance to vote on the Group You'd Most Want to Hang Out With from the 2012-2013 television season.

"The Big Bang Theory"— Place an order from the Szechuan Palace and have a night in with Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, and Amy. There's just one thing — whatever you do, don't sit in Sheldon's spot.

"Bob's Burgers" — Enjoy the free burgers (although you'll probably be put to work), the ability to go on capers with the Belcher kids, and getting to listen to all the songs composed by Linda and Bob as they raise their kids.

"Duck Dynasty" — West Monroe, Louisiana, seems like a great place to visit. You can explore the wilderness, hear some of Si's wisdom, and then close out your trip with some life lessons at a family dinner.

"Girls" — Throw on your quirkiest hipster outfit and hop in a cab with Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, Shoshanna, and Elijah. Chances are, Jessa will take you to the coolest club in the city, where you can throw back some whiskey shots and dance the night away. Just be sure to keep Shosh away from the glass cigarettes.

"Happy Endings" — You basically just have to drink, go to brunch, crack a lot of jokes, and attend weddings. There are far worse lives.

"How I Met Your Mother" — There's the danger of getting dragged into a slap bet and the potential boredom of going to the same bar night after night, but the deep friendships, spacious Manhattan apartments, and general high jinks easily outweigh the negatives.

"The League" — If you're down with some nasty trash-talking, binge-watching football 16 Sundays a year and many, many trips to Chicago bars, you could do worse than hanging out with the guys from FX's fantasy football hit.

"New Girl" — Not only do you get to hang out in a cool loft in Los Angeles and get drinks for free when Nick is bartending, but you also get to play the greatest drinking game of all time, True American. Not a bad life.

"Parenthood" — There's something to be said for always having a shoulder to cry on, some friends to dance with, and an amazing backyard to hang out in.

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