X Factor, The Day After: Top 6 Results Dish

Lyndsey Parker
Yahoo TV

Last night, during the course of a one-hour "X Factor" results show, Demi Lovato lost her entire team, when both Ellona Santiago and Rion Paige were sent home. While it may have been Rion's time to go (she's very young, and possibly not ready for a $1 million record deal), Ellona's elimination was definitely undeserved.

Anyway, deserved or not, after these results, not only is "The X Factor" Season 3 now much less Demi-powered, but also less girl-powered...since now only Sierra Deaton, of Alex & Sierra, is representing the fairer sex in the final four.

Today, my "The Day After" co-host Matt Whitfield and I are still feeling as shocked and angry about this result as Demi clearly did last night. Watch us dish about Thursday's results show, and be sure to share your own thoughts, angry or otherwise, in the comments section below.

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