X Factor, The Day After: Season 3 Finale Dish with James Kenney

Lyndsey Parker
Yahoo TV

Last night, Alex & Sierra won "The X Factor" Season 3, and ironically, they may end up becoming the most successful talent-show champions of 2013, despite "The X Factor's" lower ratings compared to "American Idol" and "The Voice." They're the real deal, and they could really work in the real world.

You know who else is the real deal? Season 3's top 16 finalist and frequent "The Day After" guest James Kenney himself, here today to dish all last night's finale shenanigans. Sit back, pour yourself a nice tall glass of Annoying Juice, and check out our chat...and be sure to check out his Indie Go Go campaign to help fund his upcoming EP trilogy.

My usual co-host Matt Whitfield and I will be back next month to talk "Idol"! Happy holidays, and see you next year.

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