It Worked Well with Coco


"Today": The crew looked shocked... shocked… when Emma Stone revealed that her stage name of Emma is actually a shortened version of her real name, Emily Stone. My gosh, you guys, who would do such a thing? Hmm, maybe we should ask Kathie Lee… Epstein?

"Access Hollywood Live": I'm sure having Chris Harrison as a guest-host on this show seemed like a good idea for NBC. But after he spent the last couple days discussing and promoting the "Bachelor" franchise, an ABC show, they're probably rethinking that decision! Looks like you'll be going back to working just Monday nights, Chris!

"Live! with Kelly": It's too bad guest co-host Tyler Perry didn't come out in his Madea costume. Then we could've had an episode of 'Tyler Perry's: Madea's Live! With Kelly!' Although I guess that would've meant overtime pay for the graphics department...

"Bethenny": Bethenny is trying to carve out a place in the daytime world, but I'm just not sure that taking a drink off guest's butts is the right move! It worked well with Coco, for obvious reasons, but now it sort of seems like a stretch. She's already got the signature cocktails and signature body shape wear, so for her show she should just focus on doing a good job. But if she does decide to keep doing the 'drink off butts routine', we'll be here to help bring it to the masses!

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