‘The Wonder Years’ is Now Streaming on Netflix!

The Set

Whoa. This is huge: all 115 episodes of "The Wonder Years" are now streaming on Netflix instant. It's so huge that my first reaction to this news was to think "No wonder Netflix knew they could get away with all their recent pricing shenanigans! They knew they had 'The Wonder Years' on the way!" As soon as I'm done with "Cheers" (165 episodes in, baby!) I'll be re-visiting the Arnold family asap. Just watch/remember the intro and get really excited for the upcoming cold winter months! [UPDATE: I can confirm that the Netflix version of the intro doesn't use this version of the song, which must have been more expensive and makes a gigantic difference in the intro-experience, but I guess if that was the only way they could get the rights to the show, it's fine. But geez Netflix, you don't really need another letdown right now!]

[Via Vulture]