Why I’m Not A Movie Exec


"Live! with Kelly": Today's guests: Zachary Gordon from "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", and Jeremy Renner from the new "Bourne" movie. In my dream scenario, they agree to switch movie roles for the next set of sequels. Why I'm not a movie exec, I will never know...

"CBS This Morning": I know that Norah O'Donnell is replacing Erica Hill soon on "CBS This Morning", but after today they're probably thinking about quickly replacing Norah with Kevin Nealon! Sure, Norah has way more political experience as a former White House Correspondent and all, but Kevin is wayyyy funnier! What do you think… Norah or Nealon?

"The View": Sometimes I'm glad when we have lots of funny clips to put in our show, because if not we probably would have been forced to show you the clip where Joan Rivers talked about accidentally brushing her teeth with Preparation H instead of toothpaste. And while it did get a laugh from the "View" ladies, it definitely didn't leave anyone feeling minty fresh!

"Good Day New York": They spent a huge chunk of the show talking about and getting ready for their Good Day Games, which turned out to be a complete dud! If I wanted to watch a long drawn out lead up to some anti-climactic competition, I would just watch the actual Olympics!

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