Why Isn’t Mini, Cross-Dressing Billy On The Screen?


"Today": Ricky Gervais wants to host the Oscars, but not in the way you think! The comedian said he wants to live stream his comments — so viewers at home would just mute their TV's and listen to all the dirty stuff he couldn't say if he wasn't the real host! I think it's a $&@!ing great idea!

"GMA": Looking to add a little more "hither" to your "come hither" this spring? "GMA" revealed a great tip, from Jennifer Love Hewitt: she keeps a bottle of a secret love potion in her purse at all times, to splash on when she's making a reservation for a party of two. And she gets this special stuff from her kitchen cabinet: it's regular ol' Vanilla extract! But a quick warning; if you try it out, do NOT confuse the vanilla bottle with the green food coloring that's right next to it on the shelf. It does not come out easily (just trust me.)

"Access Hollywood Live": They show pictures of Billy dressed as a woman from their "12 Days of Christmas" bit last December as much as possible on this show, which is totally fine with me! And today they had a miniature version of cross-dressing Billy on the screen for a while during an interview. Which dons the question, why isn't mini cross-dressing Billy on the screen at all times?! Please make this happen!

"Wake Up With Al": The extreme alarm clock they featured today won't be necessary for me because I already have one. And no I'm not talking about having a cell phone right next to the bed that beeps, blinks and vibrates all night long as spam mail and Facebook updates come pouring in, although that's fairly extreme. What I'm talking about is the most extreme alarm clock of all - living with kids!

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