Why These ‘Community’ Season 2 Bloopers Are Worth Your Time

The Set

As a raging "Community" fan who was a little "eh" about Season 3, Episode 1, I needed a reminder of why I love this show, and these leaked bloopers from the Season 2 DVD came just in time. They're four videos long (all below), however, so here are some reasons to watch them.

1. The crackling sexual chemistry between some of the actors, specifically Donald Glover and Gillian Jacobs!

Like when they accidentally kiss and then they both laugh and give each other this strange, knowing look! Are they doing it in real life?

2. Joel McHale pretending to have sex with everyone.

McHale takes this 10th-grade-level visual prank to the level of art, particularly in the case of one scene with Alison Brie. The "pretending to have sex with someone" visual gag has never been so...tantric!

3. The poor, poor extras.

This is more of an observation about blooper reels in general than a reason to watch these, but don't you always feel sorry for the extras in blooper reels? Right up front, the stars are cracking up and making each other laugh and celebrating what a great time they're having being famous while doing what they love, while in the background, the extras look on like street urchins peering into the window of a rich family's Christmas dinner: underpaid, underfed, probably exhausted, possibly (hopefully?) reevaluating their very lives. I know there was an entire great British/HBO series about this concept called "Extras," but nothing reveals the plight of the extra like a blooper reel. Anyway, um, enjoy! These are really great.

(Note: some NSFW language.)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: