Why Do They Call It A Jive Turkey?


"GMA": So let me get this straight: Jenny McCarthy has gone from "Singled Out", to Playboy, to "BASEkteball", to dating Jim Carrey, to online dating? And her old co-host Chris Hardwick and her full-figured cousin Melissa McCarthy are now both more famous than she is? Wow… that's kind of amazing. Now if you'll excuse me, I just got an idea for the Great American Novel!

"Ellen": Okay, by my count that makes four Sophia Grace and Rosie appearances in five weeks. Ellen is officially obsessed. And who can blame her when they're so CUUUUUTE!??! Can we just cut to the chase, and rename this show "The Sophia Grace and Rosie Hour, featuring Ellen?" I would watch the heck out of that show. Yeah, I said it…

"Access Hollywood Live": Between the Butterball lady's Chicago accent and the funny sound effects played when Billy and Kit kept slapping a frozen turkey, it was hard for anyone to pay attention to what they were actually saying about how to cook a great turkey! No wonder they were promoting the turkey talk line… looks like I'll be calling that for sure!

"Good Day New York": Why did Antwan Lewis giggle when he touched a jive turkey? Why do they call it a jive turkey? These are just a few questions that weren't answered on this show but either way, I'm craving a jive turkey! And no I'm not talking about the kind that's defined by "Urban Dictionary" as one who speaks as though they know what they're talking about, though they do not. I'm talking about the kind that smell yummy and make news reporters giggle!

"Wake Up with Al": Really Al? A turkey forecast that shows a turkey going from frozen to cooked to being leftovers? Really?! Please don't ever do that again!

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