Who's the 'Scandal' Monster Now?

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Better the devil you know than the one that just came back from the dead?

All through this week's episode, Olivia and team are trying to protect her mom from Eli/Rowan's machinations. They try to get her on a flight to Hong Kong, but when Rowan puts Maya on the no-fly list, Liv has to call in the president to put her on a military plane.

But as Olivia's memories come creeping in, she remembers a phone call right after Maya said goodbye for the last time. The man on the phone called her "Marie." And the name on the no-fly list, the name of the supposed deadly terrorist?


"He's not the monster," a horrified Olivia whispers as the plane takes off. "She is."

Why are we surprised? They should rename this show from "Scandal" to "Roller Coaster Ride of Insane Plot Twists."

What else happened this week? Seriously, what didn't happen this week would be the easier question to answer! But we'll try our best to wrap our minds on it all:

Mama Mia: That Liv isn't rocking herself in a corner is beyond us. Her. Dead. Mother. Is. Alive. Not much time for bonding though, since Rowan and B-613 are hot on their trail. The gladiators need to get Maya out of the country, stat. Olivia uses some connections to find her a safe place in Hong Kong, but they need a way to get her out of the country once Rowan puts Maya (using a fake name, "Marie") on the no-fly list. When Fitz finally uses his presidential powers to make it happen, at first, Liv says a no-nonsense goodbye. It takes Abby, of all people, to stir up her emotions. Liv runs to her mom and they exchange a sad, tearful goodbye. But this jogs Olivia's memories of the last time they said farewell, leading her to remember that a man called that morning asking for "Marie."

Pulling Teeth: The last episode ended with Huck confronting Quinn with his array of torture devices. He's not even that mad about her betraying him, but he's really mad at her betrayal of Olivia. So, she's gonna lose a tooth or two over that!

But Liv needs him more than he needs to torture her, so Charlie saves a shivering, crying Quinn. Out of gratitude, she totally sexes him up and goes along with him to B-613.

Wait, though — it turns out that Quinn offered a deal to Huck: Let her keep her teeth, and she'll kill Eli! When she gets to Command's office, Quinn stealthily pulls out a needle from her pocket. Of course, this is going to be a "problem" (as Huck calls it) since the Gladiators have since discovered that Rowan is not the Bad Guy. Or at least, as much of a Bad Guy as Liv's mom!

Boyfriends Who Save the Day: Poor Jake. He tries hard to get in Liv's good graces, even bluntly confronting Fitz about stepping into the Maya vs. Rowan situation. Fitz refuses to order Rowan's death (which turns out to be a good thing).

But of course, Jake doesn't get any credit for this, since later, when Liv calls him, Fitz declares that he'll "handle it" and to "consider it handled." They also talk about jam again. Oh, you know, Mom's life is on the line, but let's discuss the canning of fruit!

BTW: Is doing a good boyfriend deed only when you can claim credit actually a good boyfriend deed?

In actual good boyfriend territory is David trying to remove Maya/Marie from the no-fly list. He isn't successful, but he tries despite very little assurance from Abby. Points on the board!

It's Called a Breakup Because it's Broken: We've always liked James, but we like "I've Been Wrong and I'm Totally Going to Mess With Cyrus" James even more. James does some torturing of his own.

After James says he still needs to "finish things up" with Daniel at their own house, Cy comes huffing and puffing home, only to find James all alone. They finally admit to each other what they know and a screaming match ensues, which ends with James asking for a divorce.

Later, Cy shows the cheating photos to Sally, who calls him on his bluff — he'd never throw James under the bus that way. Then, Cyrus calls James to apologize, but his husband's bags are already packed. Even worse, Cy gets another call later that night from Sally. "I have committed a sin," she says, as the camera pans to a bloody Daniel lying on the floor.

You reap what you sow, Cyrus. You reap what you sow.

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