He whiffed on Air Supply


"Ellen": Cee-Lo Green dropped in for a holiday visit, to let us know about all his Favorite Things! Which apparently include fuzzy stuffed animals, fuzzy real animals, and obsessing over actress Jamie Lee Curtis. He's a regular super fan when it comes to Jamie Lee! And those are just some of his Extracurricular Activia-ties.

"Live! with Kelly and Michael": Gelman decided to play "Stump the Rudd" since he heard somewhere that Paul Rudd can hear just a few bars of a song, and  name the artist and the year it came out. We have no idea who told him that, because when they put Paul to the test, he ran right by Run DMC, he rushed his Rush, and he totally whiffed on Air Supply. He really stumped his Rudd on that one...

"Access Hollywood Live": By all accounts Channing Tatum's wife seems like a nice lady. But she's married to Channing Tatum and I'm not, so I sort of dislike her. And she sure was acting awfully coy when Billy asked her about having kids with him, she spouted off something about divine intervention and yada yada. But shortly after the interview aired we found out from Mr. Tatum that she is in fact pregnant! You are a sneaky one Channing's wife, but congrats!

"Anderson Live": The fact that Anderson only washes his jeans about four times a year sparked quite a long discussion with my coworkers today. And the consensus that we came to (well, that I came to and since I'm the host it's the only consensus that matters) is that it's super disgusting! Unless the 360 in "Anderson 360" represents the amount of jeans he owns, than I am officially completely grossed out by him!

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