Which Gorgeous Guest Star on 'The Exes' Is Sporting Gross Fake Teeth?

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On TV Land's "The Exes," three divorced men navigate the complicated waters of dating in New York City. However, in Wednesday night's episode, one of the bachelors faced one of his worst fears — bad teeth!

"So You Think You Can Dance" host Cat Deeley guest starred looking lovely and leggy as ever … well, except for her hilarious fake choppers.

In the "Catfish"-themed episode, Deeley played Charlotte — a woman with a hot body but horrible teeth — who ends up on a date with the show's resident dentist, Stuart (David Alan Basche), after he falls for her online. She's basically the whole package. That is, until she smiles. Catch the irony?

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So, Stuart sets up a plan to have Haskell (Wayne Knight) pretend to be drunk and insult her, and then he'd offer to fix her teeth for free. Of course, the plan goes awry and hilarity ensues.

"Let's just say it's slipped her mind to tell him she's slightly orally challenged," Deeley told "Entertainment Tonight" about her character. "In every other way she's like the perfect package; great personality, brains, all the rest of it. He's really connected with this woman and then he meets her for the first time and realizes she was quite probably a James Bond villain in a former life."

Watch a clip from Cat Deeley's guest spot on "The Exes" right here:

According to TVGuide.com, it took several hours to get the fake teeth to stick to Deeley's real ones.

"It was difficult, but she was a trouper," Basche told the site in June when the episode was taping.

This is not the Emmy nominee's first time doing comedy. Deeley's British background is in sketch comedy, and she appeared last year as a guest star on Showtime's "House of Lies."

"The Exes" is having a good July. In addition to picking up its first Emmy nod (for Outstanding Cinematography for Multi-camera Series), the show also received an additional 10-episode order. The show also stars Donald Faison, Kelly Stables, and two-time Emmy winner Kristen Johnston.

"The Exes" airs on Wednesday nights at 10:30 PM on TV Land.