‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Makes Obscene Gesture by Mistake and Tries to Cover it Up

The Set

Michelle Collins of Best Week Ever admits to watching "Wheel of Fortune" every night for relaxation, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. (I relax with "Friends" reruns, myself.) Today, she posts a moment from earlier this week when a young woman named Lorimar illustrated her love of karaoke with a recognizable hand gesture that doesn't mean "karaoke" to most people. And then, poor thing, she blushes and has to try to pretend she didn't do it when Pat Sajak "innocently" asks her about it and mimes it himself. The best moment is probably this exchange, after Lorimar tries to sell Sajak on the idea that the move was a simulation of "karaoke elbow":

Sajak: "You know medicine is making great advances in the solution to that problem."

Lorimar, red-faced and clearly dying of embarrassment: "Okay, great."

This is cringe-inducing television at its best: