What If 'Breaking Bad' Was a Junior High School Musical? [Video]

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First, we love this reimagining of the "Breaking Bad" saga, as told through songs, sung by junior high schoolers, in a tale about blue rock candy and the chemistry teacher and his former student who make it.

Before we call out the many specific things we love about it, we also have to say we hope said junior high schoolers haven't actually seen all the things they're spoofing in the clip, particularly that rather disturbing scene in which the teen Gus Fring slits the throats of his Los Pollos Hermanos pollos.

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That faithful detail from the AMC series was just one that the "Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical" crew included, along with Walt and Jesse's RV, a pregnant Skyler, Hank and his rock collection, Jesse's enthusiasm for science ("Yay, science!"), Jesse's love of hoodies, Walt's transformation into Heisenberg, and even a brief appearance by Tio Salamanca and his bell (R.I.P Tio, and your bell).

Comedy duo/filmmakers Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal (friends who met when they were in elementary school) are responsible for the video, after similar treatments with "Star Trek: The Middle School Musical" and a musical spoof of "Man of Steel."

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In case they're taking requests, might we suggest "Dexter: The Middle School Musical" or "Sons of Anarchy: The Middle School Musical"? Let's see them put their PG spin on those series…

The final eight episodes of "Breaking Bad" premiere Sunday, 8/11 at 9 PM on AMC.