What Abs? Rob Lowe's Plot to Make 'Parks and Rec' Co-star Chris Pratt, Well, Fat

Fall TV

Rob Lowe is like pizza. He is good anytime (being superhuman on "Parks and Recreation"), anyplace (hello, best Lifetime movie ever, "Drew Peterson: Untouchable"), and anywhere (um, we'd go "Behind the Candelabra" for him any day of the week). And let's face it — like pizza, he is scrumptious.

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The thing is, Chris Pratt, his "Parks" co-star, is also getting pretty freaking close to human-perfection scrumptious in that hard-abs, hot-bod sort of way. You can call it a transformation, and it's work related, for his upcoming movie called "Guardians of the Galaxy." But when Prat goes back to Pawnee, he is not going to have "Biggest Loser"-style support from Lowe.

Lowe lays it down, hard core: "Chris Pratt's physical transformation will not stand. I won't take it. I won't stand it. I'm gonna remind him where the craft service table is, where the doughnuts are. And guess what?" And then Lowe grins all Dr. Evil-like and says, "He'll go there."

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You have to hear and see him say it to get the full effect. So forget about the doughnut craving you have now for no reason and check out the above video!