Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

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It was an embarrassment of riches this week -- and we do mean "embarrassment"
It was an embarrassment of riches this week -- and we do mean "embarrassment"

It's been a big week for terrible human beings, so with much debate we've decided to omit list regular Ashley ("Real Housewives of New Jersey") because her actions this week spilled over too much from her bratty antics last time around. Though that stupid fedora she was wearing could arguably land her here again for entirely different reasons. But in spite of everything, we're leaving her off to make room for these winners.

Abby ("Dance Moms")
Abby really outdid herself this week. She made Nia -- the one African-American child in the troupe -- do a routine called "LaQueefa" (ugh) while wearing an afro wig and a leopard-print catsuit to a song that vaguely sounded like Lil Jon slam poetry. Her mother, Holly, was mortified, but when she complained, Abby swore she was trying to help Nia learn "traditional" African dances so that she could have the luxury of nabbing "ethnic" roles in the future. This, mind you, was after she asked Holly if she happened to have an afro wig in her purse.

Maci ("Teen Mom")
Know what most people do when they're bored? Read, watch TV, call a friend. Maci's genius plan: Have another baby! Everyone told her it was a terrible idea, including her boyfriend, Kyle, her mom, and her friends, but Maci didn't think her idea was too crazy -- after all, three-year-old Bentley did say he'd like a little sister. Total voice of reason on this show.

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Gordon Ramsay ("Hell's Kitchen")
Despite the fact that Elise is an enormous bully and there are plenty of worse chefs on this show, Ramsay sent Natalie home this week. We're used to him being a total jerk and everything (that's half the fun!), but Elise was the obvious candidate to boot. Adding insult to injury, Ramsay made a dig at the ever-positive and encouraging Natalie by telling her that she might get to see BLT Steak one day -- as a customer. Rubbish.

Juicy J ("Famous Food")
As screwed up as it was for Scott to cheat the gang out of $5,700 (if not more), Juicy's solution of just picking up chairs and flinging them across the room was eternally frustrating. He later got "Spring Break" drunk (as DJ Paul described it) while everyone else was freaking out about soft-opening the restaurant. Lonnie and Mike appropriately fired him, and then Juicy started in with breaking stuff again.

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Ronnie ("Jersey Shore")
It's awful enough that he's back together with Sammi, and even worse that he's sneaking around behind her back talking to his sweet sugar Hannah. He also put J-Woww in the middle of it all and used the excuse of "Stay out of my business" when it came to being emotionally unfaithful to the girl he claims to care about. But what really sent us over the edge was the absolute freakout he had when Sammi revealed that Mike told everyone about all of those disgusting things Ron actually said about having sex with multiple girls in one night.

Tough call, but Abby's racism was outrageous, not only because it was, you know, racist, but also because you don't have to be African-American to get ethnic (whatever that even means) roles. Hello, hasn't Abby ever watched "America's Next Top Model"?

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