Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

Television Without Pity

People need to learn to deal with constructive criticism. Seriously.

Angelea ("America's Next Top Model")
We still love her (716, represent!), but she needs to learn to take some advice from her fellow models (Laura was not trying to cut her down). Lisa takes things too far, but Angelea should know when to bite her tongue and when to lash out. And storming out is just plain unprofessional, as is giving a stinkface during a photo session with a "put shoot" (shotput, for those of you who aren't fluent in Angelea). She's sabotaging her chances by being a diva, but we're still rooting for her to prove to the world that she's awesome.

Astro ("The X Factor")
Yes, he's a kid, but that doesn't excuse him from acting like a whiny brat on national television. When he found out he was in the bottom two (because America has tired of his one-note gimmick), he almost refused to perform. The judges gave him a second chance, but we really wish they'd taught him a lesson and sent him home.

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Michael ("Millionaire Matchmaker")
He was a 58-year-old ageist who managed a male revue (strippers!) and prefers to date girls in their 20s who make for good baby breeding. When Patti tried to set him up with someone age-appropriate, he was polite, but he never called the woman again. And after she was subjected to his terrible piano serenade and everything. She deserves some sort of prize.

Sunny ("The Biggest Loser")
We're pretty sure she's not even aware of how obnoxious her bragging and competitive behavior is. She probably thinks she appears adorable while rubbing it in other people's faces that she wins things, but to us it just comes off as poor sportsmanship.

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Lola ("Work of Art")
Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. Or at least that's how she's been brought up. The insufferable spoiled artist bragged about cutting lines when she was a kid, made fun of emotional artwork created by a contestant whose family left Iran during a war to come to America, was generally a mean girl about sharing anything (whether scanners or the Sucklord), and made a piece about tiger penises.

Calling tiger penises art is one thing, Lola, but purposely encouraging people to deface someone else's art was just outright bitchy.

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