Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

Television Without Pity

Yup, we've got a Situation here.

Michelle ("Extreme Couponing")
Most of these couponers are out to save money and support their families and sometimes their local churches or school with their thrifty ways. And maybe Michelle is, too, but she has a very mean-spirited way of going about it. Some guy wanted one bag of something, but she told him he should have gotten there earlier, even though she had an entire cartful of that item that she could've shared. That's right, she's the person who clears out shelves so that regular shoppers can't get their household items. Sorry, lady, not all of us can spend our entire days driving cashiers and stockpeople bananas.

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Brandi ("The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")
Who lets their kids pee all over someone's lawn without reprimanding them or at least looking ashamed? Way to make a good impression on your new "friends."

The Situation ("Jersey Shore")
What is up with his hair? That's a Situation. Also, we didn't care for the way that he decided to find the rat in the house, because his plan made no sense at all. So Sammi cares about her friend and relayed information that she had actually heard from his mouth? What's the big deal? To lie about something that he knew would upset Snooki more was just really ridiculous.

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Orlando & Chris ("Top Chef: Just Desserts")
When these two were given the opportunity to constructively criticize each other's desserts, they went to town with scathing critiques that nitpicked everything. Not to say that some of their points weren't accurate, but tone it down, guys, you still have to live together.

J. Mark ("The X Factor")
He's on this list not for being a terrible singer but for his overdramatic, clearly fake reaction to being eliminated, which made it clear that he thought this whole thing was just a big joke. And that was just a waste of so very much of our precious time.

The Situation. He's been entirely useless this season (and he really can't blame the concussion) and should take a lesson from Vinny, who kept his mouth shut when people talked about hooking up with Snooki. He didn't say anything until he was calmly asked by his drunken bed buddy. Serves Sitch right that he got nailed in the crotch by a soccer ball.

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