Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

Television Without Pity

We've got a hunch some of these people will be on Santa's naughty list next week.

Anna Benson ("Baseball Wives")
We're going to be honest: She's the best thing about this show. But she's also a total bitch. Sometimes those things go hand in hand. In addition to calling Cheri a home wrecker via a napkin on a plane, bringing a Taser to dinner (just in case!), and laying down the law about baseball-wife hierarchy (it's all very complicated), she also made it her personal mission to disgust Erika (and us) in the process by asking a young woman on the street about shaving her "ladybits" and showed off her mink stole (Mr. Minky), who not only has a personality, but sometimes likes to join her and her husband in the bedroom. Also, she's trying to trick that husband into having another baby... which may be a challenge if Mr. Minky gets in the way.

Brandon ("Survivor")
Heinous or an idiot? He's a bit of both. Heinous for thinking that God personally talks to him about how to properly win a reality show. Heinous for not understanding that he was on a reality game show where backstabbing is par for the course. And an idiot for giving up his immunity necklace to Albert.

Get a sneak peek at this week's "Survivor" season finale right here:

Shadia ("All-American Muslim")
This show is getting lots of media attention thanks to Lowe's pulling its ads, but the truly horrendous act this week was done by Shadia. She made her new husband, Jeff -- who converted to Islam solely for her -- give up his 16-year-old dog, Wrigley, mostly because she wanted to put new carpeting in their house (there was talk of allergies and religion, too, but carpeting seemed to be the real reason). It looks like Shadia found a nice sanctuary for the beagle to live out its final days, but any kindness to that act was immediately forgotten when you saw the sadness in Jeff's and Wrigley's eyes.

Shawn ("Fear Factor")
This wannabe Jean-Ralphio came on the show all cocky and confident that he and his ex-girlfriend could dominate the game. And then in their first challenge, he nearly let her drown. It was especially horrible because he knew that she was unable to swim and promised he'd help her. We can see why these two didn't make it as a couple.

Watch the season premiere of "Fear Factor" in full right here:

The Producers/Editors ("Real World: San Diego")
The season finale of this show was a letdown, but the bonus episode ("The S#!@ They Should Have Shown") had all the most interesting bits of the season... well, when they actually filmed them. Why did they save the most compelling/disgusting parts of this show for outtakes, instead of actually editing them into the season to make it more interesting? We would have been a lot more interested in Priscilla if we'd known that she had made out with HER MOTHER and Sam at the same time. Or if we'd seen her doing naked cartwheels earlier in the season. And the Nate/Michelle storyline could have been juicier had we known that she may have done some weird, kinky hooking up with Frank.

It's Shadia: Anna and Mr. Minky weren't even remotely as cruel to animals as she was.

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