Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

Television Without Pity

Who is worse: A dieter with a bad attitude, a chef who can't cook, or a hostess who gives us nightmares?

Tyler ("Top Chef")
He introduced himself as "Stone. Tyler Stone," so how could we possibly be expected to feel bad for him when he's the first one cut from the show before even being allowed to cook? He was awful because he wasted so much meat, nearly ruined someone else's chances on the show, and tried to shrug off his lack of butchering skills to Tom Colicchio. If he didn't know how to properly cut the pig, he should have let someone else do it instead of forcing his way into the job. Your own fault, Stone, Tyler Stone.

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Gayle ("Jerseylicious")
On a show where people get kicked in the head and have fights in Sonic parking lots, Gatsby owner Gayle came off as the most immature person on the reunion (followed closely by Christy, her irritating daughter). She wrestled with the idea of selling her salon throughout the season, never actually outright told her employees it wasn't happening, and then seemed shocked when they found a backup plan in case things didn't work out. So instead of just accepting and apologizing for her mistakes, she fired everyone on national TV. Like a kid who takes her toys and goes home because she didn't get her way.

Joe ("The Biggest Loser")
Joe was the biggest baby about getting switched to a new trainer, fought with Anna unnecessarily, and got all huffy when he thought she was questioning his manhood. Dude, you had a chance to pick Bob as your trainer. It's not Anna's problem that you didn't know how many calories were in the entire family-size Italian meal you used to scarf down on a regular basis.

Watch Joe whine to Anna in this "Biggest Loser" clip:

Tyra Banks ("America's Next Top Model")
Hearing her saying the words "Pot Ledom" ("Top Model" backwards) is the kind of thing that seems like it should be in a Stephen King novel, or used to summon the ghost of a dead top model. The fact that she kept repeating it to try to make it into a catchphrase -- forcing it (and herself) into the "music videos" that she made the girls create -- was just about the worst thing we've been forced to sit through on this show. And that's saying a lot.

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Kim Kardashian ("Kim's Fairytale Wedding")
So it wasn't necessarily Kim's fault that E! decided to air her wedding about a million times after she and Kris Humphries announced they were divorcing, but the whole tabloid frenzy that she's created since then? That's her fault. And we don't want to watch a "fairytale" wedding when we know that the couple ends up staying together for about eight minutes.

Tyra's always on our list, but she really outdid herself this week. We're not sure how the egomaniac will outdo herself in the future, but we've got a feeling that there's another horrible catchphrase she's going to try and make happen. How do you say "smize" backward?

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