Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

Television Without Pity

It's hard to decide whether we hate the people who overshare more or less than we hate the people who are raging egotists.

Nicolina ("Project Accessory")
She created a belt for her bodysuit that was designed to cover her model's lady bits with two foot-long pieces of string. Guest judge Kelly Osbourne hit the nail on the head when she said that no woman would buy something that looked like a tampon string. Still, Nicolina, who referred to herself in the third person a lot, was clueless and spent most of the time making hurtful verbal jabs at her fellow designers and shrugging it off because she has no filter.

Kandi ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")
NeNe started/finished a fight filled with low blows, but, frankly, that's nothing new. It was Kandi (and her Kandi Koated Nights) that turned us off this week. We're not against her sex-toy business or her desire to give women orgasms while listening to her music. It's enterprising. However, we do object to her unleashing some of the other housewives onto an adult toy store, allowing them to run around playing with vibrators, talking about their sex lives, and demonstrating (with pillows) various positions. It was too much information on a whole new level. Phaedra asking for a goodie bag? Gag.

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L.A. Reid ("X Factor")
We can't stand either Astro or Chris Rene and their attempts to rewrite great rap songs. And L.A. Reid not only allows this but also fully encourages it. And for a person who is so immersed in the music industry, how did he not know "Ain't No Other Man"? We wish he'd learn songs he didn't write or produce. Also, we wish he'd stop fake-feuding with Simon. It's tired.

Ozzy ("Survivor")
Ozzy not only has sour grapes for getting voted out (for a second time) but plans on winning his way back in via Redemption Island, going so far as to invite castaways to come get eliminated by him. Um, did he forget that his buddy Keith is there -- and that he's a physical threat? And that Ozzy couldn't even save himself by winning regular immunity this week? We suppose that when you're a cocky bastard, you tend to forget the small stuff. Especially when you are busy maturely turning Cochran's name into profanity.

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Kyle Richards ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")
Kyle, no matter what your psychic tells you, you are not your sister's mother. And you can't try and tell her that the guy she's dating is not good enough for your family, considering your niece Paris Hilton's history in particular. And you certainly shouldn't walk out while she's in the middle of having plastic surgery (even if it was just injectables), since just the week before, you were able to shed some tears for your mother-in-law while she was having work done. Also, don't make Kim feel guilty for moving -- be more concerned about her health, well-being, and sanity like a supportive (not totally selfish) sister should.

It's a close call, but since L.A. Reid is competent at his job as a producer and promoter, we're likely going to be stuck with the awful Astro and Chris Rene for a while. Damn him. Also, we didn't care for his humblebrag, when he dissed a song that he had written on national TV. Think he was complaining when he pocketed the royalty check from this week?

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