Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

Television Without Pity

Here's the Situation... or actually not, since, surprisingly, his obnoxious behavior didn't even land him on the list this week. Try harder, Sitch.

Rob Bonfiglio ("Celebrity Wife Swap")
The husband of Carnie Wilson turns out to be a jerk. He seems to ignore his family (there are nannies and housekeepers who take the brunt of the work), doesn't have dinner with them, and hides in his studio "working" on his music for days at a stretch. And when his wife comes home from a long trip, he barely acknowledges her existence. He's very defensive and not that receptive to Tracey Gold when she offers her opinions on family time. Ignoring your wife is one thing, but ignoring little girls who wish they could see their daddy? Awful. Then making your wife defend your douchey behavior on national television? Beyond obnoxious.

Jenelle ("Teen Mom 2")
She's frequently on our list, but she really deserves it each and every time. This week it was Christmas on the show, and she's living at home with her mom under the stipulation that she stays away from her sleazy boyfriend, Kieffer. But the second her mom takes off on vacation, Jenelle decides to try and bail him out of jail. Why is he in jail in the first place, you ask? Oh, because he beat the hell out of her and she pressed charges and then she felt bad about it. And then she guilt-tripped all her friends who refused to help her get a high-risk bail bond (as he'd previously had drug/trespassing charges) so her abusive boyfriend could get out of the slammer for Christmas.

Jessie ("Toddlers & Tiaras")
Laci is a stubborn kid, and Jessie butts heads with her about keeping her expensive hairpiece perfectly coiffed at all times but then somehow doesn't notice that her daughter has wandered away for a period of time. She then looks over an entire hotel for her, not necessarily out of concern, but because her absence might make her late to the stage and cost them valuable points. Combine that with the fact that and she also tried to put her daughter in a meat suit for a Lady Gaga number. Sorry, it was a meat bikini. We didn't mean to exaggerate.

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June ("Toddlers & Tiaras")
We don't normally put two people from one show on this list, much less devote two separate entries to them, but this week was a "T&T" double whammy. June is an extreme couponer (and on the wrong show) who "saves" money by couponing to do pageants. One has to wonder whether you are really saving money if you have thousands of bottles of laundry detergent stockpiled in your garage. She also pumps her kid full of Go-Go juice (an energy drink; totally appropriate for a 6-year-old) and encourages her child to lift up her shirt and bare her belly to the judges at every possible moment. And we don't want to be mean about a kid, but Alana doesn't exactly have the body for that particular move.

Anna ("Baseball Wives")
She called another woman the C-word. That's off-limits, according to girl code -- everyone knows that. But Anna doesn't care. This was after she sent Cherie a nasty-looking possum cake for her birthday, told the woman over the phone that her lady parts were disgusting, and also did some nasty photo editing of Cherie with the animal... for a benefit calendar. What did that poor little critter do to deserve being a part of this?

Tough call, but this week's winner is June. Mostly because she encourages her daughter to do pageants for cash, which leads her 6-year-old child to say, "A dollar makes me holler, honey boo-boo." Do you think there's a market for overweight strippers in the South? Because between encouraging belly baring, expecting cash for performing, and the constant calories from Go-Go juice, that's the road that June is seemingly sending her daughter down.

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