Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

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Five people who managed to be worse than Kat Von D
Five people who managed to be worse than Kat Von D

This week saw the beginning of a new season of "LA Ink," and while we really, really, really wanted to put Kat Von D on this list for everything that's going on outside of the show, she was actually really sweet in this episode. She may make awful life decisions, but she does them from a good place, so she gets a pass this week.

The others on this list? Not so much.

Scott ("Famous Food")
He's the designer who is doing the work on the restaurant and is dealing with some of the most insufferable people on the planet, and yet he still is the one coming off looking like a jerk. He increased costs when they were on a budget, went ahead with plans without any approval, and bought some of the ugliest chairs we've ever seen.

Alex ("Real Housewives of New York City" Reunion)
She's so hung up on the ridiculous hair-color teams, she forgave Sonja for bad behavior that was seemingly way worse than Kelly's and didn't even realize how obnoxious that looked. She also didn't comprehend that her husband may not be perfect. Were the leather pants not a giveaway?

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Mandi ("The Challenge: Rivals")
She hooked up with CT even though everyone in the house told her not to, and then got annoyed when he decided he was interested in having a conversation with Laurel (note: He didn't hook up with Laurel because he thought she was too good for him). So Mandi ran around screaming about STDs and then, to prove that she wasn't slutty, hopped into Wes's bed for a snuggle session.

The Moms ("Hell's Kitchen")
What kind of parent would bring their child into Hell's Kitchen? You have to know that your child may or may not actually be fed (the latter of which ended up being the case) and that there is going to be extreme profanity being spouted left and right. Yet mothers brought their kids in for a Mommy and Me lunch and a Family Night dinner just to get on TV.

Amber ("Teen Mom")
Telling Gary that almost getting his child taken away because of something she did wasn't his problem and only pertained to her was one of the most selfish things we've seen on TV. Also, she seemed put out that the police and Child Protective Services wanted to meet with her. She needs to grow up and accept responsibility for her actions, though that seems unlikely.

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We're crowning Alex this week because, out of all the high-pitched screaming that sent even Andy Cohen over the edge, her voice was the loudest. Also, because she laughed/panted at her "witty" comeback and is making a profit off T-shirts based on something she said. Yeah, clearly she isn't in this for fame or anything.

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