Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

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Plenty of nominees, but these five were the worst
Plenty of nominees, but these five were the worst

The "Jersey Shore" kids don't know which city they're actually in, but displaying their lack of geography knowledge isn't the most reprehensible thing they've ever done, so that's two weeks in a row where they weren't the most disgusting people on the reality planet. That's got to be some kind of record. Here's who did make the list:

Judi ("Bad Girls Club")
She's the crazy girl who talks to a giant stuffed voodoo doll, which is fine -- everyone has their eccentricities -- but she went on a drunken rampage and started throwing irreplaceable trinkets (from a housemate's closeted military girlfriend) into the lake. Plus, she ruined the house, shoved someone, and then stuck around and insisted she wasn't leaving. Class act.

Vienna ("Bachelor Pad")
She claimed to be so very worried that Jake would somehow hurt her, yet she went to live in a house when she knew full well he was going to be there (we don't buy her denials). Her current occupation seems to be bed-hopping, as she has just gone from one former "Bachelorette" suitor to another. She yelled at her current boyfriend, Kasey, when he didn't levitate her in the air long enough and was mean to Jake when he tried to apologize (never mind his questionable sincerity).

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Lawon ("Big Brother")
We don't like to put stupid people on here, but he was so proud of himself for his moronic gameplay that he had to make the list. He put himself up for eviction and told people to vote for him, thinking he'd get some "superpowers" when he came back in. He got his wish, but even the Chenbot took delight in revealing that there was no superpower, only a chance to face off against someone who had previously been evicted -- in this case, Brendon. And Lawon sucked so bad that now Brendon is back in the house and reunited with Rachel. Lawon, you ruined our summer!

Paula ("The Challenge")
In a week where Wes nearly drowned Cara Maria in soda and Tyler was the whiniest person ever, Paula somehow comes out looking like the worst. She may be the closest she's ever been to winning one of these games, but she's become the queen of dishing out attitude in the process. But heaven forbid you dare say something back to her -- it's like the end of the world. Can she retire from these soon?

Jonathan ("Hell's Kitchen")
It's been all fine and dandy because the blue team has been winning rewards, but the minute they lose and there's a punishment to be served, he's suddenly "injured." We don't buy it. He didn't take responsibility for serving a watery pizza (yes, watery) to Wolfgang Puck, and then he took a nap while his team was busting their asses. Then he showed up and tried to throw everyone else under the bus, when he was the one that screwed up most during dinner service, and he snapped at Gordon Ramsay, which doesn't seem like a good plan when you're trying to get him to give you a job.

Vienna is just insufferable, and while we hate Jake, she really is just a terrible person. Our hearts don't need guarding and protecting from her... just our brain cells.

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