Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

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Not pictured: the MIA Lauren (FOX, MTV, Bravo, The CW)
Not pictured: the MIA Lauren (FOX, MTV, Bravo, The CW)

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, but inappropriate behavior should really be added to that list.

Lauren ("Full Throttle Saloon")
Not only did the newbie bartender send everyone into a panic because of some sketchy, unbelievable story (we suspect that she just got drunk and took off with a guy for two days), but she also wasted valuable taxpayer resources on a full-on search of the prairie. If she'd really been at the town's police station, as she claims, we're pretty sure the cops would have noticed her before they sent out the helicopters.

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Paula/Nicole ("The X Factor")
They make the list for voting off Drew instead of Marcus just to tick Simon off. Obviously, it would have been unfair for Simon to have three mentees left when everyone else had one or none, but that poor girl was crushed, and it's a shame, as she was arguably one of the very few truly talented singers on that show.

Nate ("The Real World")
Frank cheated on his cute little boyfriend, but considering how emotionally stunted he is in relationships, it was really only a matter of time before that happened. But Nate, who poses as a good guy, hooked up with his boss (not cool) and then invited her over again, ignored her the entire time she was there in favor of a really dull ping-pong game and then seemed shocked that she was upset over how he treated her. Yes, it is totally surprising when you use your boss (who may genuinely like you) as a booty call and she feels hurt.

Phaedra ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")
Because of course the appropriate gift for a 35th birthday party that is filled with family members is a stripper who can, um... how do we say this politely?... pleasure himself in front of an audience.

See the whole sordid affair for yourself (and don't say we didn't warn you):

Tyra ("America's Next Top Model")
She sucked Tyson Beckford's thumb. For real. She also made a "motion-editorial" about her book "Modelland," in which we learned about her character named Tookie (based on her young life) and how her world smelled like blood oranges and contained warrior princesses or some such nonsense. And of course Tyra directed the whole nightmare. We may be scarred for life.

Paula/Nicole. It seemed like Paula just wanted to prove that she matters on this show, while Nicole just wanted to be right. Their decisions made the show even worse than it already was, and for the sake of some false pride. We wish they would think of those of us who are forced to watch this hot mess twice a week.

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