Wendy And Whoopi Talking About Sauce


"Today": Coldplay took over Rockefeller Plaza this morning for a live concert! Rumor has it, Chris Martin could be seen 30-rocking some of the shops around the plaza afterwards, looking for a gift for his daughter. So where did he stop in?  I'm not sure, but if I were looking, I'd try the Apple store!

"Ellen": Ellen dug up a faded old picture  of her 6th grade class and even pointed out a few boys she remembers from school dances. Sorry fellas: the dancing part stuck around… but I guess you weren't quite as lucky!

"Access Hollywood Live": It was pretty odd that three guys all had gray sweaters on during the show, but it was even more odd that Billy talked about trimming down his chest hair! TMI Billy, TMI!

"Wendy Williams": Why were Wendy and Whoopi talking about sauce? Why did Wendy spit out her sip of water? These are just some of life's most mysterious questions!

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