Well, He's Kind of in the Super Bowl! Tim Tebow Stars in T-Mobile Spots

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo TV

True, Tim Tebow isn't "playing" in the Super Bowl on Sunday. But he will be appearing in a commercial. Hey, you take your victories where you can get 'em.

The former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback and current contract-less professional did an ad for T-Mobile. In it, he speaks about the benefits of not having a contract (both cell phone and NFL), poking fun at his own status as a QB without a team.

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In the 60-second spot, Tebow jokes about what he's been up to, now that he isn't playing in the NFL.

Turns out, quite a bit. He's an obstetrician, Sasquatch hunter, chess master, bad-to-the-bone stunt man, rock star, puppy-saving firefighter, stand up comedian ("Talk about illegal use of the hands!"), negotiator of world peace, and more. 

"If I had a contract, could I do this?" Tebow says, shortly before risking life and limb on the back of a rodeo bull.

USA Today reports that two 30-second spots will air during the big game, in addition to another T-Mobile ad that doesn't feature the quarterback.

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In 2010, Tebow appeared in a Super Bowl commercial with his mother, Pamela, for the Christian Ministry Focus on the Family.

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