Welcome to Istanbul, Bitch! Watch a Turkish Remake of 'The O.C.' [Video]

Yahoo! TV

How long does it take our pop culture trends to reach Turkey? About ten years, apparently.

A full decade after Fox's glossy primetime soap "The O.C." debuted here in the States, a Turkish version (entitled "Medcezir") is now up and running; Variety reports a 13-episode first season is currently airing on Turkey's Star TV.

Above, we've embedded the trailer for "Medcezir," and even though we can't understand a word the actors are saying, we're still getting that unmistakably sunny Newport Beach vibe. The brooding lead actor makes for a great Ryan Atwood (he even wears hoodies!); he gets taken in by rich benefactors (although their Sandy Cohen obviously can't come close to matching Peter Gallagher's iconic eyebrows); and he catches the eye of the waifish beauty next door. (Let's just hope that actress navigates fame a little better than Mischa Barton did.)  

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Some of the shots in the trailer even seem to be lifted directly from the U.S. version: Turkish Ryan's argument with his mom; his awkward hug with Turkish Seth Cohen; those two arriving at Turkish Ryan's first party in suits and skinny ties. C'mon, "O.C." fans: If this had English subtitles, you'd totally watch it, right?

For comparison, here's the original U.S. trailer for "The O.C." Does anyone else have Phantom Planet stuck in their head right now?