It’s Way Too Early for Vegetables!


"CBS This Morning": So now that he's retired from "The Office", Steve Carell likes to kick back at home and watch... "The Office"? "Why not? It's a great show," said Steve during today's interview with Gayle King. Wow, way to be a regional micro-manager, Michael Scott...

"GMA": Wow, TLC found another Southern mega-family with 19 kids to star in a reality show? Well, I'll be Duggar'd! Although it sounds like we should get used to the name "Bates", because counting Mom and Dad Bates, and all 19 kids (Re-Bates?) there are 21 of 'em! Ooh, they don't still have that tradition down South where they call a boy under 12 "Master", do they? Tough break, fellas.

"GDNY": I know Dave Price is new to the morning show, but he's gotta know there's just some things you can't talk about at 9 in the morning! And no, I'm not referring to their adult toy conversation, he was talking about eating something called spinach pie during the cooking segment. Gross! It's way too early for vegetables!

"Wake Up with Al": The graphic they use to show how many medals have been won by athletes they've interviewed makes it look like "WUWA" is competing in the actual games. If that was the case, I would totally have my money on Roker in the uneven bars event!

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