Water Skiing Baby!


"This is real, you guys!"

That was the phrase anchor Lara Spencer had to keep repeating to her “GMA” pals on Monday, when this video surfaced of a little kid who's already learned how to water ski. How little, you ask? Try seven and a half months old! Yep, we said "months". Not "Years". Months! Most kids can't even crawl at seven and a half months. When I was that age, I think the most coordinated thing I knew how to do was get my head stuck in the staircase spindles.

This wee water skier's name is Tyler, he's from Australia, and his mum and dad are apparently big thrill-seekers. But before you panic and call Sea Rescue, here's the other phrase Lara had to keep repeating, while her co-anchors picked their jaws up off the floor: "He is not behind a boat, you guys"!

Tyler's dad rigged up a baby water ski sled, attached a GoPro waterproof camera, and ran out in front, dragging his bundle of joy behind him through some very shallow water on the shore. And this kid sure looks to be enjoying it!

Well, have fun on the beach, Tyler. We'll see you in 15 years at the X Games. Unless they make baby water skiing an Olympic sport before then.

This has to go down as one of the cutest wet and wild viral videos we've seen. Except, of course, for the speed boating sloth!

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