Watch the First 16 Minutes of Fox's 'Rake' Right Now

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo TV

Need a lawyer? You might want to watch this before hiring Keegan Deane.

Greg Kinnear stars as the charismatic but deeply flawed trial attorney in Fox's new legal dramedy "Rake," debuting tonight. And you can preview the first 16 minutes of the series premiere right here, right now. Think of it as a trial run.

As we learn in this sneak peek, Keegan is a man of many appetites: He gets roughed up by his bookie for outstanding debts; he whisks a beautiful stranger off to a lavish party before ditching her to get in on a high-stakes poker game; and he wakes up badly hungover at the home of his best friend Ben (John Ortiz), where he's been crashing for months.

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Keegan gets stuck driving Ben's kids around in a minivan after his car is towed, and then things really go south when he gets pulled over. (Let's just say Child Protective Services get involved.) Later, he finds a way to pay off his debts... if he can unload a prized bluefin tuna. But in case you forgot, he's a lawyer, too: "Fargo's" Peter Stormare guest stars as his latest client, a serial killer desperate for media attention, and who refuses to plead guilty.

We would call this a bad day for Keegan — but it looks like most days end up like this for him.

"Rake" premieres Thursday, Jan. 23 at 9 p.m. on Fox.