Watch the series premiere of Fox’s ‘The Mindy Project’ before it airs [Video]

Fall TV

Fox ushers in a new, new girl to its Tuesday-night comedy block this fall with "The Mindy Project," a single-camera comedy from Mindy Kaling, an Emmy-nominated writer and producer for her work on "The Office" (in which she also starred in as Kelly Kapoor and will reprise that role for the show's Season 9 premiere) and a New York Times best-selling author. "The Mindy Project" doesn't officially premiere until September 25, but you can watch the pilot in full right here on Yahoo! TV, four weeks before it airs.

Kaling plays Mindy Lahiri, a talented and successful OB/GYN who happens to be an unlucky-in-love hopeless romantic obsessed with finding her own perfect rom-com happy ending a la the Nora Ephron films she watches on loop. Mindy's co-workers at the medical practice include Danny (Chris Messina), a guys' guy, patient-poaching doctor who gives Mindy a hard time about everything and the cocky British doc Jeremy (Ed Weeks), who Mindy often finds herself hopping into bed with even though she knows he's a bad boy (with a sexy accent). The staff at the medical practice includes Ike Barinholtz as a male nurse, Stephen Tobolowsky as the head of the practice, and Zoe Jarman and Amanda Setton as receptionists. The cast also includes Anna Camp as Mindy's best friend Gwen.

After you watch the premiere, give us your impressions in the comments below. Did "The Mindy Project" make you laugh?

"The Mindy Project" premieres Tuesday, 9/25 at 9:30 PM on Fox.

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