If You Watch One Thing Today, Make It This Video of CNBC Reporter’s On-Air Engagement

Jeremy Blacklow
Yahoo TV

Get the hanky ready, this isn't your typical jewelry consumer report.

When CNBC retail correspondent Courtney Reagan was called back into her office on what was supposed to be a day off on Nov. 1 (the Friday before she was about to run the New York Marathon), she naturally wasn't thrilled. She had been training for months, and this was supposed to be a day for her to relax and prepare for the 26-mile race.

But, alas, her boss said she was needed, stat. So she diligently did what any national news correspondent would do, and came in. She was told they'd be doing a segment on holiday shopping for "Nightly Business Report" with anchor Tyler Mathisen.

Mathisen was in on everything from the start. And so he focused the report on jewelry. "What about the mid-level jewelers," he asked. "The ones like Jared — Jared is the one I'm thinking about. Do they have any deals going on?"

Aside from being a jewelry chain, "Jared" also happens to be the name of Courtney's now fiancé — Goldman Sachs investment banker Jared Baker, who was waiting just off stage.

"Jared?" Courtney exclaimed as he walked onto the set. "Oh my gosh!"

The rest is one of the sweetest television moments we've seen in quite some time.

Although the proposal took place nearly two weeks ago, CNBC just released it today.

We decided to break down the proposal in GIFs. Here's our play-by-play.

Tyler's good … Real good! His poker face doesn't reveal a clue to Courtney.

The wind-up: Jared is confident as he struts on stage.

The approach: at this point we're not even 100 percent sure that Courtney realizes her fiancé was there on set; THAT'S how good she is, engrossed in her report.

Jared?! (is that you?!) — yes, girl, it is … now get ready for the moment of your life!

Cue the waterworks!!!!! Good thing Tyler had tissue on hand.

Jared's down on one knee — get ready Court, things is about to get real!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I will!

If you like it then you better put a ring on it!
(somewhere, holding Blue Ivy, Beyoncé wipes away a single tear)

The kiss! Now that's how you seal the deal.
Congrats, you two!