Shmoop Alert! This Is What Happens When 'Duck Dynasty' Son John Luke Gets Gassed

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Laughter really is the best medicine.

On Wednesday night's "Duck Dynasty," John Luke Robertson got his wisdom teeth removed by the dentist. The anesthesia made the teen just a tad bit loopy.

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How loopy, you might ask?

After waking up, John Luke started mumbling nonsense. Then more nonsense. At one point, he flapped his arms — apparently the nitrous endowed him with "eagle powers" — and declared, "Shmoop." Then, he repeated "bumblebee tuna" over and over again.

Mom Korie had expressed her concern about her baby being put under. But her worry didn't last long once he came out, and she and husband Willie realized the comedy potential. "This is priceless," Korie said, as she recorded it all on her phone.

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Most hilarious moment? When John Luke grabbed the dentist's water nozzle and started spraying it everywhere.

That prompted Willie to smirk: "There's a lot of reasons not to do drugs, kids."

The gassing came off as a humorous homage to the classic 2009 viral video "David After Dentist," featuring a whacked-out David Devore Jr.

As for "Duck Dynasty," when can we get Uncle Si on laughing gas? We'd pay to see that!

"Duck Dynasty" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on A&E.