That Wasn’t Even Her Birthday Cake!


"Today": Getting my daily dose of Kardashian is essential to my life, so thank you Matt Lauer! I'm starting to think that this family needs their own channel like Oprah! I know it hasn't worked that well for OWN, but I feel like the Kardashian channel will have even more uplifting and inspiring programming to help make them more successful. You'll probably tell me that E! pretty much is the Kardashian channel, but until it's wall-to-wall Kardashians and none of that "Ice Loves Coco" or "Chelsea Lately" junk spilling in, I won't be satisfied!

"Ellen": ... ... ... ... .. . . ... ....... .... . (In honor of Ellen facing off against Steve Carell in a game of charades, today's "Ellen" blog was done entirely in charades. Congrats, if you guessed it right!)

"GMA": Wow, so Maria Menounos likes Carvel cakes, apparently. And that wasn't even her birthday cake! But even though she got tossed from "DWTS" last night, I guess that's all it took to put a smile on her Cookie Puss.

"The View": I want to thank this show for sparking a 15-minute conversation with me and my all-male group of co-workers about girdles! A reminder that I'm the only woman in the room is just what I needed! Of course, that's me being sarcastic, lets please curb the girdle talk from here on out ladies!

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