War Is Brewing on 'American Horror Story': 6 Questions That Left Our Heads Spinning

Joyce Edwards
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Emma Roberts as Madison and Taissa Farmiga as Zoe in "American Horror Story: Coven"
Emma Roberts as Madison and Taissa Farmiga as Zoe in "American Horror Story: Coven"

Hang on tight, because this week's episode, "The Sacred Taking," of "American Horror Story: Coven" has left our minds reeling with insane questions. Definitely the season's most complex and twisted episode yet. Bear with us as we try to figure out who is trying to kill off the witches and if we're likely to see a new Supreme just yet.

With severe mommy issues plaguing the neighbors, a ruthless Hank trying to save his own neck, and Fiona nearly killing herself, we need to regroup, turn on all the lights, and heat up some warm milk before delving into what exactly went down at the coven this week. Here are some of the questions that we are dying to get answered.

Who will be the next Supreme?

Fiona's power diminishes as the next Supreme gains power, and she wants to figure out who the next Supreme is so she can kill her in order to stay alive despite her cancer. Meanwhile, the witches at the coven plan Fiona's demise as part of a ritual called "The Sacred Taking," in which the reigning Supreme dies and the next Supreme is revealed. Clad in Madeline capes and ready to see who is truly the Supreme, the witches plot Fiona's death and whom the power will pass on to.

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Myrtle is back in action and provides some much-needed guidance at the coven, and she suggests that Misty is in fact the next Supreme after bringing back not one but three (including herself) witches from the dead. Will Misty be the Supreme? At this point, all of the witches want it, but we have a sneaking feeling that Cordelia might want it the most.

Will Fiona seek revenge?

Both Madison and Myrtle, whom Fiona thought were dead, come to trick Fiona into submission and give her the option of being burned at the stake or taking her own life for her crimes. Madison reveals herself to Fiona and lies to her, saying that she is the new Supreme and brought both herself and Myrtle back to life. Thinking that she's already lost her title, power, and relationship with the Axeman, and will soon die of cancer anyway, Fiona overdoses on pills ... only to be revived by Spalding, who's devoted even in his own death.

No longer blind to the trickery after Spalding intervenes, a scorned Fiona is certainly going to seek revenge on the next Supreme. Which witch is going to be Fiona's next target?

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Which side is Queenie really on?

Gabourey Sidibe as Queenie in "American Horror Story: Coven"
Gabourey Sidibe as Queenie in "American Horror Story: Coven"

After becoming a loyal devotee of Marie Laveau, Queenie goes on a mission to get a black heart for voodoo potions but is soon pressured by Zoe and Madison to rejoin the coven. Undeterred, Queenie ruthlessly rips out the heart of a rapist with her bare hands and declares an all-out voodoo-versus-witch war, solidifying her transition to Laveau's side. Will Queenie ever return to the coven? Later in the episode, we see Queenie feeding an imprisoned Delphine a hamburger, so we know that she hasn't fully turned her back on even the cruelest beings. Which side will strike first?

Who is hunting the witches?

A now fully revived Myrtle Snow wakes Misty Day when a mysterious assassin invades the bog. Who is this assassin and what does he want with Misty?

The coven's neighbor and Nan's crush, Luke, is punished by his religious mother for being "unclean" and venturing into the coven. This may or may not have involved a bleach colonic. When Nan comes to rescue him and escape her own coven woes, a mysterious figure has already been staking out the coven and is armed with blessed silver bullets to knock off the first witch he encounters. Luke is critically injured and his mother is killed in the attack, but after finding a shell of a silver bullet, Cordelia and Fiona are now certain that there are witch hunters on the loose. Could Hank Foxx be the assassin at the bog as well? It seems as if Hank is anxious to do Laveau's dirty work, but how far will he go? Making mistakes and leaving behind evidence is sloppy work when there are clairvoyant witches around — how long before the witches find out what he's up to?

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Who's really teaching Kyle to speak?

Sharing boy toy Kyle, who is struggling to regain his communication skills, proves to be a difficult task for Zoe and Madison. And Kyle telling Zoe that he loves her (whether or not he's cognizant of what he's saying) only makes things more complicated. Did Madison teach him to say that to Zoe? This would not be the first time we've seen her masochistic ways at work. Or did Madison tell Kyle that she loved him, and he repeated the phrase to Zoe unknowingly? Either way, we have hunch that hearts will be breaking, immortal or not.

What will happen to Delphine's body?

After being bled by Laveau for potions (and for revenge), Delphine is just as racist and hostile as ever in her imprisonment. At the end of the episode, Fiona opens a box containing Delphine's head, which of course is still very much alive (since Delphine can't be killed). Was Delphine beheaded because of her big mouth? Yeah, probably. But now, the witches will be forced to do some recon and get Delphine's body back. Has Laveau already disseminated it? Is this Laveau's tactic to get the witches to come to her? No matter what, this certainly isn't a peace offering, and though neither side is fond of Delphine, it could be the final act to really get this war going.

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