Walter White in 'Breaking Bad' Final 8 Trailer: 'Say My Name!'

Yahoo! TV

Not that any "Breaking Bad" fan should have expected otherwise, but as this trailer for the final eight episodes teases, Walter White will not be going gently, or humbly, into the TV sunset.

The clip touches on everything from Hank's bathroom discovery at the end of "Gliding All Over" and Skyler's admission about how frightened she is of Walt to Jesse's growing despair over what he and Walt have done and will do, and Walt's demand that his opponent "say my name," or rather the name of his drug king alter ego, Heisenberg.

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The teaser also hints at just how explosive the final episodes of the Emmy-winning drama series will be. We've seen the first of the final eight installments — titled "Blood Money" — and our spoiler-free review is that series creator Vince Gilligan and his amazing cast, particularly Bryan Cranston and Dean Norris, put it all on the table in the opener.

Anyone thinking the drama will be saved for the series finale should be prepared for an explosive episode that not only sets up the next seven, but is a satisfying return to the world of Heisenberg on its own.

"Breaking Bad" returns on AMC August 11 at 9 PM.