Walter White Gets Real Obit in Albuquerque Newspaper: 'He Will Be Greatly Missed'

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R.I.P., Walter White. "He will be greatly missed."

Fans of "Breaking Bad" aren't just mourning the end of the heralded AMC drama; they are also mourning the demise of antihero Walter White, husband, father, chemistry teacher, meth kingpin.

Some of those fans — members of the "Unofficial Breaking Bad Fan Tour" Facebook page — decided to purchase an obituary in Friday's Albuquerque Journal.

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"I've been a humongous 'Breaking Bad' fan since the beginning," group leader David Layman told the New Mexico newspaper. "I was actually in the pilot, and putting the obit in the paper was fitting, because the series was based in Albuquerque and it provides some of us some closure."

The obit reads: "Walter White, aka 'Heisenberg,' 52, of Albuquerque, died Sunday after a long battle with lung cancer and a gunshot wound." It noted he left behind wife Skyler, son Walter Jr., and daughter Holly. In lieu of flowers, the obit urged readers to donate to a drug abuse prevention charity of their choice.

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Layman's group is hardly alone in their grief over the "Breaking Bad" finale. Sunday's episode was watched by a series-record 10.3 million viewers and dominated Twitter (1.2 million tweets, according to SocialGuide) and Facebook (around 5.5 million posts).

Ironically, much like Walter, Layman is a science teacher with a student named Jesse! Hmm, wonder if he has an RV parked in his driveway, too...