‘The Voice’ Top 10 Results: Team CeeLo’s New Low

Lyndsey Parker
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To quote one of his own famous songs, CeeLo Green was probably thinking "$%^& you!" on Tuesday night. And he surely must've been going…wait for it…crazy.

So on "The Voice's" top 10 results show this Tuesday, CeeLo's two remaining contestants, Kat Robichaud (who almost went home last week, when she was on the chopping block with ultimately eliminated Team CeeLo member Jonny Gray) and Caroline Pennell, both landed in the bottom three. This meant it was a given that CeeLo would lose at least one more contestant. But since there'd be two castoffs this evening, it was quite possible that CeeLo's entire team would be eradicated in one fell swoop, since Kat and Caroline were up against Austin Jenckes — a popular good ole boy, a member of the historically unstoppable Team Blake, and the closest thing to a country contestant in this Season 5 race.

How did CeeLo, the former mentor of some of the best contestants in "Voice" history (Vicci Martinez and Juliet Simms, anyone?), ever get in this position?

Well, Jonny was one of the weaker contestants in the top 12, so his elimination last week was understandable. And Kat, while amazing (and my personal favorite this season), was always polarizing; for some reason, she never quite connected with America the way former Red Zone rock chicks like Juliet and Vicci had.

Caroline, however, had always been CeeLo's golden child. But CeeLo did this child no favors when he indulged her and let her warble her favorite campfire song, "Leaving On a Jet Plane," this Monday. As her older and supposedly wiser mentor, he should have steered her in a different, cooler direction; just seeing how Caroline held her own alongside (and actually out-performed!) the almighty Tessanne Chin this Tuesday, on a results-show duet of Lorde's "Royals," proved that she does well with hip, edgy, current material. But because of CeeLo's careless coaching, Caroline almost left "The Voice" on a jet plane herself this week.

Key word: almost. Caroline survived via the show's new Twitter-powered "Instant Save," thankfully leaving CeeLo with one pretty little pony in this race. Perhaps it helped that her own castmate, Team Adam's James Wolpert, actually encouraged fans to save her?

That meant saying goodbye to Austin (who was also bused by an ill-suited song choice this week, the Outfield's "Your Love") and, more sadly, to Kat, Season 5's one great rock hope. I will miss Kat, but hopefully, now that CeeLo can focus all his energy and attention on Caroline, he'll take more care with his song assignments. Less John Denver, and more White Stripes, please!

Speaking of song assignments…Monday's top 10 episode of "The Voice" was full of iffy performances (like Caroline's and Austin's), but Tuesday's results show offered several awesome group performances that renewed my faith in this series.

Along with the above-mentioned Tessanne/Caroline "Royals" duet, a Goldfrapp-haired Christina Aguilera and her teammates, Jacquie Lee and Matthew Schuler, stunned with a Jackson medley (Michael and Janet's "Scream" is soooo underrated, you guys), and Carson Daly declared it the best group performance in "Voice" history. (He may have been right.)

Kat Robichaud joined Team Adam's Will Champlin and James Wolpert for a triple-pronged guitar version of Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Going Down" that worked so well, if James and Will are the next to go down on "The Voice," they should just form a band with Kat. (Even though the fact that James tweeted to Instant-Save Caroline, not Kat, would make band practice a little awkward…)

Team Blake's cover of "Sharp Dressed Man" was an enjoyable romp as well (even if it wasn't quite as rousing as David Cook's version with the ZZ Top dudes themselves back on "American Idol" Season 7). Let's hope the top eight's solo performances next week are as entertaining as Tuesday's group numbers — and that the songs are well-chosen! See you then.

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