The Voice, The Day After: Top 20 Live Playoffs Dish with The Shields Brothers

Lyndsey Parker
Yahoo TV

Last night, the Season 5 "Voice" Live Playoffs continued with Team Xtina and Team CeeLo, and today two esteemed Season 2 Team CeeLo alums, Tristan and Rory Shields of the Shields Brothers, are here as "The Day After's" special guest co-hosts to talk about what went down.

Yes, the Shieldses traveled far and battled traffic tickets to come punch America in the face with their rock 'n' roll opinions about last night's "Voice," but it was all worth it. Come check out what they had to say about their former mentor CeeLo Green, Season 5's dearth of duos, and their quite literally addictive "Voice Drinking Game"!

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