Versatile and Yummy!


"Wendy Williams": Lets face it, getting a giant ketchup bottle tattooed on your leg because you like ketchup is a little bit weird. I like to drink Diet Pepsi a lot, but you won't see me tattoo a can of it on my leg! I do have a bottle of Ranch dressing tattooed on my back, but Ranch is so versatile and yummy, it's just makes way more sense than ketchup!

"Ellen": Wow, Ellen wasted no time diagnosing Jennifer Lawrence's cat problems! And she may have saved the life of one expensive down comforter that was getting a little... wet. So, either Ellen just revealed herself as an official crazy cat lady in training, or she just pitched herself as the host of the new series "The Cat Whisperer". Probably both!

"Live! with Michael and Kelly": Sure, it's called "Live! with Kelly and Michael", but they often pre-tape a show or two here and there, especially right around the holidays. And here's a "DiNT" Insider tip: you can usually tell by the guests! For instance, today's guests? Alec Baldwin and Nicki Minaj? No WAY they let those two go on live without a 10-second delay, when the censor was already on holiday break!

"The Better Show": I didn't know the Chippendales let people ride on their backs while they do push-ups! We need to schedule another visit for those guys to come on my show again, and in the meantime we'll build a bigger set to accommodate various exercise routines. I hope they can handle doing jumping jacks with a host on their backs!

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