‘Vegas’: See how the mob built Sin City [Exclusive video]

Fall TV

These days, the words "Las Vegas" conjure a variety of images -- from slot machines and swimming pools to fine dining and family-friendly entertainment. But in the 1960s, you couldn't talk about the gambling mecca without also discussing organized crime.

In this quick history lesson from CBS, obtained exclusively by Yahoo! TV, we're reminded just how vital a role the mob played in building Sin City … which is why it's also such a big part of CBS's new fall drama "Vegas."

The retro series stars Michael Chiklis as a Chicago gangster making waves in the desert oasis, while Dennis Quaid plays Ralph Lamb, a local sheriff imposing his own brand of law and order on the casinos and their criminal investors.

Check out the clip for a look behind the scenes, plus keep an eye out for the real-life Lamb as well as Fidel Casto's strange link to Las Vegas.

"Vegas" premieres Tuesday, 9/25 at 10 PM on CBS.