I’ve Got A Lot Of Channel Changing Reps Under My Belt


"Today": I think Savannah Guthrie is probably pretty relieved that Congressman Barney Frank is retiring… so she never has to interview him again! Mr. Frank frankly congratulated her for "going four-for-four in finding the negative approach" to her questions! Whew! At least Matt Lauer was there to soften the blow, "How's the rest of your day going?" Gee, Matt… whadda you think?!

"Ellen": "The Biggest Loser" host Alison Sweeney showed Ellen's audience a bunch of simple exercises to do right from the couch, while you watch TV! So far I've mastered the "sitting" and "pointing the remote" moves! I've already got a lot of channel changing reps under my belt. But I'd better pace myself; I'll try the "moving around" and exerting energy" exercises a little later.  Maybe after this nap, and a few sets of popcorn-to-mouth lifts!

"The View": It's so weird that Whoopi was wearing banana shoes on the show, because I totally wore my kumquat shoes today! Although my shoes haven't caused me to break in to song or give Richard Lewis an awkwardly long hug like Whoopi did, but hey the day is still young!

"Live! with Kelly": Well of course Neil Patrick Harris can speak Japanese. The kid's a genius! He became a doctor at age 16, didn't he? I think it's more impressive that he could understand Vinnie Delpino. Oh, and I heard a rumor that he also smurfs fluent Smurf.

"GDNY": I think Greg must have forgotten that supermodel Adriana Lima was standing by for her interview while he was playing with toys and acting like a fool! Either that or riding a scooter around set and shooting toy guns is how he tries to impress the ladies. But you know what Greg, it might have worked because I think she was into it!

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