We’ve All Done It!


"CBS This Morning": They had a cool report today about all the amazing technology that's being added to new cars. Now you can have customized digital speedometers, child-safety features that keep your teen from going over the speed limit, and they even showed off a way to start your car from inside using your iPad! I love that feature, except every time I break my high score in Angry Birds, my car ends up six blocks away!

"Today": Okay, okay, laugh at drunk Seal song guy all you want, but don't try to tell me you've never sung to your pets before, people… we've all done it! Tweet me your favorite tune you sing to your animal @nikkiboyer!

"GDLA": Thanks again to everyone at "Good Day LA" for bringing me on this morning to talk "DiNT" and my viral video, "Make A Baby"! I love hanging with Steve, Jillian and the team (plus, their studio is right around the corner!)

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