'Vampire Diaries' Shipper-cap: And So Begins the College Years

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Summer's over, y'all, and apparently it was a hot one for the Mystic Falls crew!

When Season 5 premieres, Elena and Damon are boinking like bunny rabbits, while Matt and Rebekah have been enjoying threesomes all over Europe.

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Of course, not all the couples on "Vampire Diaries" were getting action. Get an update on who's doing whom, who's getting closer, who's on the verge of a breakup, and more with our 'ship-cap!

Elena and Damon

Status: Totally in love

After Elena admitted to loving Damon (despite the sire bond), the two had a long, steamy summer with a lot of S-E-X. We spell it out since Jeremy still seems squicked out by their relationship.

But there may soon be trouble in paradise: Elena moves away to Whitmore College, while Damon stays behind in Mystic Falls. LDRs (long distance relationships) almost never work out (see: Caroline and Tyler, below). Their focuses are diverging, too: While Damon deals with Silas and Katherine, Elena is wrapped up in the mystery of her roommate, Megan's, mysterious death.

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Meg had a bottle of "organic protein water" (vervain) in the fridge, meaning she might know something about vampires? Then, she's killed, sporting neck bites, yet the police rule her death a suicide due to a so-called note. What's more, Elena finds a picture of her own father with Megan! And you know how Elena gets when there's a mystery — she latches on and won't let go 'til she gets to the bottom of it.

Elena and Stefan

Status: Thinking of each other

Even while she's sucking face with Damon, Elena can't help dreaming about her first love. Is it guilt? Or does she still have some feelings for the other Salvatore brother?

Meanwhile, a struggling Stefan is still locked in that box at the bottom of the lake. He's having hallucinations of Damon telling him to turn off his humanity so he won't suffer. Just when Stefan is about to do it, a vision of Elena begs him to stop. "Stay with me," she pleads. We know this is just Hallucination Elena, but damn — these two still have major chemistry.

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Caroline and Tyler

Status: Hanging on by a thread

We love Caroline, but she can be a bit delusional at times. The cheeriest cheerleader of all is super psyched to be going to college with her bestie and her boyfriend — if he ever shows up. Tyler is in Appalachia, helping a pack of werewolves? Um, OK, whatever. She tries to throw herself into the Whitmore scene, but starts freaking out when she and Elena are assigned a third roommate. Her worries are only underscored when Megan meets her mysterious demise. A bad night is capped by a voicemail (VOICEMAIL!) from Tyler letting her know he's deferring college to continue helping those werewolves. Care, honey … he's just not that into you. (Call Klaus!)

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Bonnie and Jeremy

Status: Couple without benefits

What can we say about a relationship between a living human and a ghost? It's complicated? These two have grown much closer, now that Jeremy is Bonnie's only link to the world and he's helping her disguise the fact that she's dead to her friends and father, Rudy. Unfortunately, his aid only goes so far — when Silas brutally kills Rudy in the town square, Bonnie can only scream and cry. She can't talk to her dad or touch him. At least Silas seems unaware that she's still ghost-ing around town.

As for Jeremy, he nearly dies again, but Damon saves him. "Wake up, or I'll kill you myself!" Damon yells. Aww … sweet!

Damon and Katherine

Status: Not quite friends, not quite enemies

Wow, human Katherine is a hot mess. As Damon notes her hair is a disaster and her manicure is frightful. This is not the vampire Katherine we once knew. And more than that, she's vulnerable and asks Damon for protection. When Silas decides to go after her (for who knows what reason), Damon actually helps her — until he finds out that Silas has Stefan somewhere. Then, Damon seems quite willing to give Kat up. Well, these two have a lot of history; it's going to take a while to get over it.

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Matt and Rebekah (and Nadia)

Status: To be determined

For a small-town boy, Matt sure did get an eye-opening tour of Europe. He and Rebekah seem to have hooked up in every major city, including with a third person in Amsterdam. But when summer is over, Matt returns to work at the Mystic Grill, and Rebekah kisses him goodbye (guess she's off to New Orleans). But then, shockingly, their threesome partner, Nadia, shows up in town! She mugged them, and came to return his supernatural-death-evading ring. Whaaaa …? Well, that is just a ruse, because just as she slides the ring on his finger, a random guy comes up from behind and casts a spell over Matt!

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