Unsuspecting Audience Members!


"Rachael Ray": Normally, the highlight of watching this show is when Rachael adds cheese to a dish. I love that! But today it was probably watching David Duchovny give relationship advice to unsuspecting audience members! Rachael thought he might be good at it, even though his character on "Californication" is anything but good at relationships, so it kind of seemed like a mean joke. But I guess as long as the people asking the questions do the opposite of what David suggested, they should be okay!

"Ellen": I'm a big fan of Ellen's new segment "Clumbsy Thumbsy", since let's face it: who hasn't had an important text message get totally mangled by AutoCorrect? You know, when you try to write "runnin late, get a table for six" and it comes out "rumpin late, get a table for sex?" I mean, just the other day, I tried to send my mom a text saying "thanks for the birthday card!" and it accidentally came out "you ruined my teen years!" LOL!

"Today": Did you see the house built from Big Mac boxes? Actually, it's built from reclaimed Yellowstone timber logs, but the money that paid for that hardwood came from the guy who invented those old plastic "clamshell" boxes that our burgers used to come in (not very green, but neither is this house!) So, if you have an extra FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS laying around, call your realtor! Check it out: Here

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