Unearthed Raw Footage of Adam Sandler, Eddie Vedder, and Emilio Estevez Taping an ‘SNL’ Promo in 1994

The Set

This is cool: according to the person who posted this on YouTube, he or she found a VHS tape at a used record store in 1995 that contained the raw footage of the promo taping for the "SNL" episode Emilio Estevez hosted with musical guest Pearl Jam in the spring of 1994.

It's making its way around the internet (I first saw it on Paul Scheer's excellent Tumblr) and is a fascinating look behind-the-scenes of "SNL." Even though it's Emilio and Eddie's promo, Adam Sandler (as "Opera Man") steals the show with his adorable nervousness and babbling to Eddie about how his father's favorite number is 23. I know it's nine minutes, but it's definitely worth watching!

You can read the video's backstory on BadPennyFilms' YouTube page. How the video came to be in a used record store is anybody's guess, however!