Ugly Dogs Aren’t As Bad As Natural Disasters


"Today": There's no denying that a big part of the "Today" audience is Soccer Moms. But the ones they featured today are members of the US Womens' Olympic Team, so they're Soccer Moms who actually PLAY soccer. I assume while using some sort of Baby Björn. Does it count as a half-goal if your kid heads one in?

"Wake Up with Al": It's nice to see that even with an impending hurricane and catastrophic wild fires threatening our country, this show still finds the time to bring us footage of the world's ugliest dog! I know ugly dogs aren't as bad as natural disasters, but have you ever seen one walking down the street early in the morning? It's pretty frightening stuff!

"Good Day New York": Greg and Rosanna spent all of Friday's show hanging outside of an ice cream truck and were talking about it all day today. Either that was some amazing ice cream, or they totally screwed up their diets and it messed up their whole weekend! Which, by the way, I can totally relate to because after watching Friday's show I pigged out on ice cream and I've been feeling rather guilty ever since!

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